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Massage Etiquette


Prior to receiving a massage, there are a few important things to remember.  Showering before a massage is courteous to the therapist.  I do offer clients the option to shower prior to or following treatment.  Avoid eating a large meal as it can make you uncomfortable or lead to flatulence during the massage.



The key to getting a good massage and ensuring that you and your therapist are comfortable is communication.  Speak with the therapist about the results that you would like out of the massage, and how firm you want the contact to be.  Massages intended for relaxation will be gentler than massages intended for medical or therapeutic purposes.  If you have prior massage experience, share with the therapist what you did or did not enjoy.



At the beginning of the session, the therapist will leave the room, allowing you to get undressed and comfortable under the draping.  If you are uncomfortable being nude under the draping, you may keep undergarments on or wear a pair of shorts or a bathing suit.  The therapist will assume not to work on these covered areas.  Only areas which are actively being worked will be left undraped at any given time.



A tip for an amazing massage experience may be offered to a therapist at the discretion of the client.  It is both welcome and appreciated, but not expected.



There is an unwarranted belief that massage therapy can lead to sensual or sexual conduct.  A professional certified or licensed massage therapist is not a prostitute and insinuating otherwise is offensive and even illegal in most states.  Inappropriate or sexually explicit questions or behavior prior to or during treatment will result in the end of the relationship with the therapist.  If the therapist must end a session early due to misconduct, the client will still be responsible for the full payment at the time of service.

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